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on an undercover officer shooting. sal castanedo has more. sal? >> reporter: well, an  undercover police officer was shot last night just down the street past that oakland police s.w.a.t. van. in the last hour we've seen police making new arrests. this video of officers in front of the apartment building where we saw arrests being made. several search warrants were served on that apartment building down the street. last night's shooting happened on seminary near international. police say men confronted an undercover officer and shot him in the arm. that officer was injured but is expected to survive. he's already released from the hospital and is said to be resting at home. police say one person was captured immediately after the shooting. another one was arrested early this morning. just a few moments ago, we saw three people being taken away by police. so that's five. police believe the suspects are members of an oakland gang. the undercover officer was part of an investigation into another shooting here last weekend that left two men seriously injured. police say it's unclear whether the shoo
of the uc regents meeting is underway. sal castanedo is live to explain the big focus of the meeting today. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. this is the last day. and one of the ideas that has emerged from the meeting is starting more online education. 10% of the general education requirements in the future could be set up on some online academy that the university is using here wants to set up. governor jerry brown, a regent himself and a graduate of uc berkeley says he likes the idea and has submitted -- committed $10 million from the state budget to help the university add more online courses. >> we have to get out of our comfort zone and look at this thing in a way how do we maintain, enhance this wonderful institution called the university of california? and i'm a person, you know, i've been around a long time, i care about this university. i love learning. i love research but i'm a realist. >> reporter: uc administrators say developing more online courses would be a great opportunity to education more students. the university says it is looking to add about 150
. ktvu's sal castanedo joins us live from the moscone center. must be heaven for computer geeks like you, sal. >> reporter: this is the first day of the three-day conference. this is the three-day conference for people interested in mac products, tech and mac products, to be precise. let's show you video. in the main exhibit hall you see new products, everything from phone covers to brand-new apps. many companies unveil new products here hoping to get the attention of the tech media. organizers of the event say companies big and small come and are here to display new wares to prospective clients. >> hewlett-packard is showing air print printers. polk audio is here. senheiser is. there's a lot of app developers. about 100 of them. >> reporter: organizers say the trade show has survived in stride after apple pulled out. it seems strange to have macworld without apple. but apple unveiled their first i'm phone here in 2007. now it says it prefers to stage its own events. that has not stopped the trade show from attracting people from all over the world and also from the bay area, both young
for the 49ers. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, ken. our team continues with sal castanedo who joins us from the newsroom with more on what the players had to say. you mentioned some of the questions, mely not the typical ones -- rearly not the typical ones that players -- really not the typical ones players face. >> they've been talking to the press. it does get entertaining because much of the journalists are not the usual beat writers and the questions can get interesting. >> how would you describe your hair? >> just an afro. >> but the questions did eventually roll around the football. 49ers' defensive player aldon smith talked about his play and the focus. >> we came here to win a game. we came here -- you know, it's the super bowl. we're all excited. we came here to win the game. we all have that same spot in mind. >> there have been rumors that alex smith will ask for his release after the season. smith was quick to refocus attention on the game. >> no, no. i'm focused on this game, helping this team win a championship. >> colin kaepernick presented a united front when s
but concurrent investigations. we expect to learn more about that later today. live on treasure island, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> four men are accused of robbing a gas station and assaulting the clerk at the shell station on lone treeway. police say four men in their 20s rush the store and tried to steal cases of beer. the clerk said the men attacked him when he tried to stop them. a man we spoke to is not surprised by the robbery. >> there is just -- a lot of negative activity around this area just as of late around the holidays. >> this morning, the clerk told us he was shaken up but is otherwise doing okay. police say the men only took beer, no cash or anything else was stolen. >>> a man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco is now facing attempted murder and arson charges. 22-year-old dexter oliver was arrested at an oakland motel around 9:00 last night. police say he doused his 25- year-old girlfriend with gasoline and lit her on fire sunday afternoon after the couple got into an argument outside of a laundromat. the victim is in the hospital with sev
.a.r.t., the road or caltrain, sal castanedo is covering it all. let's go to sal. >>> brian, are you cold out there? >> reporter: yes. >> b.a.r.t. is still doing pretty well. it might be a good option for you. some of the roads have not been doing so well this morning. the bay bridge, that's improving. westbound as you come up to the toll plaza. there is a little bit of a delay there. there are no major problems getting into the city. however, we do have some problems in the east bay. this is 880. we do have a problem here on 580 eastbound, let's go to the maps real quick. eastbound 580 there is a crash on the way to the richmond bridge actually coming from the richmond bridge 580 east at central. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a very good morning. a little bit of a breeze helped us slightly warmer today compared to sunday. sunday was the coldest around here. 1990, december. that was really cold. 30s, 20s around the coast and bay and then 20s. not as many but there was still plenty this morning. i think we'll see a repeat of that this morning. it could be sunny. very mild conditions up in al
how that individual died and are not commenting on the evidence what the deputy saw. sal castanedo will have much more on this story coming up on our news at noon. live from santa rosa, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 8:31. >>> in marin county, a body found last night in corte madera creek, authorities want to know if it's the man who ran away to try to get from the police. anthony donaldson has been missing since december 24th in ross. that's when police stopped imhim for suspicion of drunk driving. he jumped out of the car and ran away. that's when police got word of a body near that creek. the coroner will identify the body and conduct an autopsy. >>> a man looking to buy and iphone off craigslist was robbed at gunpoint in concord. it happened around 7:00 last night in the lucky parking lot on clayton road. it's reported the suspect listed an iphone 5 for sale online. but when he met the victim, police say he pulled out a gun and stole the victim's cash. the suspect was later arrested. ese hides as christopher ebert stallworth of -- he's identified as christopher ebert st
independence there's foggy conditions on the road in the south bay. for more on that, we go to sal castanedo. >> thank you, janine, for that report. right now, we do have 280 and 101 are foggy. i want to go to the cameras. we had just looked at the 280 camera and i can't see a thing but the road sensors are showing traffic getting up to the 17 interchange. 85 is slow from 87. a pretty good portion of the way up into los gatos and saratoga. as janine de la vega mentioned, there's slow traffic between 280 and trimble. let's move along to 880 which is recovering after an earlier bus crash. northbound 880 coming out -- coming out of san leandro. the bay bridge has become more prouded. backed up toker a -- backed up for a 20-minute delay is. delays. >>> let's go to steve. >> thank you. a lot of fog reports coming in from crockett, benicia, pittsburg. other areas, no fog here. sunrise, it's nice. but san jose has a lot of fog as well. kind of an interesting pat tern. my fear was -- pattern. my fear was -- we have to get a stretch where we don't get much rain. i thing we're in the stretch. everythi
? well, sal castanedo has some of those. >> it is a good aia to avoid. it's close -- it is a good area to avoid. go up to 880, get off at winton area avenue. avenue-- get off at winton avenue. we did get a little bit bucky that today, lighter volume traffic. that's a better alternate. you can use tennyson and avoid jackson street. let's go back to the desk. >>> all right, sal. repair crews worked all night to fix another water main break. this one on mt. diablo and salvio street. officials say no one lost their water. no homes or businesses were damaged. the crews finished fixing the break about an hour ago. >>> president obama arrived back in hawaii to rejoin his family vacation. this is video of the president arriving in honolulu this morning. actually, i'm wonder if that might be him leaving since he's getting on a plane. but he made the overnight trip after the house of representatives passed a late- night bill to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> thanks to the votes of democrats and republicans, i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthy. >> i wish i could say this was a proud mo
out to sal castanedo. roads are getting busier. you are checkth out the east. bay for us -- clerking out the east bay for us. >> yes. traffic is getting read highway 24 westbound as you drive. we have a live picture of this for you. you can see the traffic -- especially in the orinda area starts to get slow to the two tunnels that are open now. but no problems on the other side of the world -- the other side of the tunnel, i should say, the bay bridge has really been -- it's actually improved. this is a six to ten-minute delay. it's really not reached any farther than that. that's great. we're gonna take it without questions. 880 -- southbound 880 at jackson street, that's been moved to the shoulder. across the bay, we've been holding steady between 380 and 92. it's still an eight-minute drive heading down the peninsula. not a bad commute. 7:08. let's go to the weather with rosemary. >> thank you, sal. for first time in about a week and a half, you may have slick roads to deal with today. giving you a look outdoors, a few minutes until the official sunrise, we have mostly gray skies
. >>> 7:07. sal castanedo, is joining us to tell us about traffic. >> that's right. we do have a new crash. northbound, 101 in san jose. this one is blocking a couple of lanes. just as we were talking here, the chp has decided to turn this into a sig-alert which means that they think this will be here -- they think this will be here for a while. trimble road. northbound 1011 at trimble road. we need to keep an eye on this for you and see how long this will take to clear. an alternate, 280 looks pretty good. you should get out there soon because sometimes the alternates fill up quickly. let's take a look at 880 northbound and been is. traffic looks good heading doubt town to hayward. the morning commute is slow at the bay bridge. it's backed up for a 25-minute delay at the toll plaza. it's kind of thick. once you get on the bridge, it's moderate into san francisco. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sir. mostly sunny here today. a little system coming down. it's really more of a colder pattern and a breezy to windy pattern. but after today, this will be the coolest day on the high side. temp
district with some options. good morning, brian. >> reporter: first of all, i want to make sure that sal castanedo -- you are probably listening to this. he always makes fun of us because he says when we toss to him, there's a food segment right before we do that. we're live here at susie cakes. bakers inside here are prepping for the 49ers. yeah. i heard you. looks really good. they are prepping for the big game as well. come inside and take a look at the samples. take a look at this one. this is a vanilla cake here. this is a super bowl with a san francisco logo on it. this is a san francisco/ravens cake on it. they can do tri-level cakes if you order soon enough. if you look over here, these are some of the cookies and cupcakes they are making here as well. here at susie cakes, they say if you are planning on ordering something here, give them some time, about 72 hours. in terms of the cookies and cupcation, you can probably pick those up around game time. they will be prepping around 400, 500 cupcakes and cookies. they are busy here right now. we want to show you a few ear places tha
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12